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About Us

Our mission


We truly believe that the talent in Ayrshire is something we can all be proud of. From our local musicians and bands, to artists who create vivid work hanging in our home galleries, to the actors, directors and writers bringing amazing original work to our venues, the ambitious event planners with ideas to bring our communities together,  through the best events and making memories to remember. Blackowl events is about working with every single one of you to make our towns and villages lively, unforgettable places to live. 

It is about creating work through a network of talent, pushing boundaries and expressing. Blackowl events is about getting Ayrshire back on the map!

Blackowl studio


The studio is free to use for artists of all walks of life. It is an open plan space available for workshops, classes, talks and theatre events. I will happily assist you in helping set up for your event and help you make your event something to be proud of! 

Blackowl studio is open to anyone to drop in. The studio offers an Calm Zone where you can go to relax and work on your next best thing!  I’m  always happy to hear from the community about the work Blackowl Events do! Or if you would like to speak with me about an up and coming event!  

Events on the way


There are amazing events coming up including the playwrights workshops, music Writing workshops, guest speaker events, devised theatre events, art exhibits and craft days. 

About Us


Our  volunteers are the life of our company. They help create the amazing events in and around Ayrshire. 

You can volunteer with us by dropping us a message. 

Reach your goal

Getting experience in the creative world can be difficult which is why we offer hands on training in event management, set design, directing, and more. 

We can help you forge your path in the world. To become one of our trainees, email us for a application. 

Help with your event!

Whether you are planning a murder mystery or just a music festival, we are here to help. With our amazing team of people we can assist you in making your event an occasion to remember. 

Book an appointment with us by email 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our community and are open to suggestions. If you would like to volunteer, join our board, or train with us or are interested in an event, please contact us. 

Blackowl Events

1st and 2nd attic floors, 12 Alloway street Ayr south Ayrshire